Sally Wood!!

October 13, 2012 in Blogs

This post is not about how much I love Sally Wood (which is a lot) it is from a professional and constructive point of view. I truly feel after induction week Sally deserves some extra recognition.

During our first two weeks at Peer Productions I feel like us Full Timers have really got to know each other well and bonded as a group. We all put in a hell of a lot of work into our final pieces and it showed, both plays were excellent in my opinion. I’m not saying that Sally was better than anyone else; Just having known Sally for quite some time I felt she really excelled herself and upped her game.

During rehearsals Sally asked if Polly and I wanted to direct as we had initially come up with the idea for our piece, we accepted. It was soon quite clear that Polly and I were having a bad day and weren’t up to directing so without a fuss Sally just naturally slipped into role of director. She was so organised! Everything we did she noted down, without disturbing the flow of re
hearsals and was constantly reminding us of time.

When tensions started to build in the group it was Sally that remained most calm and dealt with everything so professionally, when morale started to dip it was Sally who gave us a little motivational speech to get us all going again. Sally was always the first and last person in the rehearsal room and often was the one found eating her lunch whilst we went.

Every single member of our group put in tonnes of effort over the induction period, but it was ultimately Sally that held us all together. She is incredible every single day, a total team player and is possibly the most enthusiastic people I know.