Auditions During Covid-19

What will happen with auditions during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Peer productions are moving all auditions on line for the foreseeable future. After your audition and when everything calms down, we will invite you to come to South Hill Park to visit us as well. The audition will be live and include an interview, as well as your prepared monologues and song if you have prepared one. These should last no longer than 45 minutes in total. We will be using Zoom to conference call, please get it set up on your laptop and a link will be sent to you via your email. Have your phone at hand as well so we can call you to make sure the connection is easy.

Tips for a successful virtual audition!

In order to make your audition as successful as possible please try to put in place the following:

  • Find a quiet room that isn’t a thoroughfare.
  • Place your laptop on a surface that shows your whole body, and have a chair handy to sit on for the interview. When sitting we will want to see you from the top of the head to just past your  shoulders.  
  • If possible, the wall behind you should be plain.
  • Light yourself from the front. Have a look to make sure there are no shadows that hide your features. 
  • Wear plain clothes that make you feel good. Avoid logos and bold statement t-shirts.
  • Make sure your hair is off your face.
  • Wear make-up if you usually do, but don’t over do it for the camera.
  • Speak clearly. The sound connection can make audibility difficult.
  • Warm-up your body and voice. Run through your audition pieces before your allotted time.