Paid Acting Opportunity

Love, Beauty and Attraction

Casting Call - Paid Opportunity

Peer Productions are looking for talented, energetic and open young actors aged 18 - 26 years to work with us to develop a new play exploring sex, relationships, gender and sexuality for a young urban Indian audience.

Working title is LBA - Love, Beauty and Attraction. 

Following the success of our sex education play for the UK - Losing It - our Artistic Director, Nina Lemon has been commissioned to develop a new play tackling similar issues for an Indian audience.

There are two stages to this project. At this point, we are seeking to recruit actors for Stage 1, but actors might have the opportunity to stay with the project through Stage 2 as well. 

Auditions will be via workshop on Wednesday 4th April at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell. 

We are particularly looking for actors who live and have permission to work in the UK, but were born and grew up in India, but would also like to hear from actors from a range of different ethnic backgrounds too. 

As Stage 1 involves a devising process where actors will be asked to draw on their own experiences as teenagers learning about relationships and sex for the first time, we are exclusively looking for actors, of all genders, whose real ages are between 18 and 26 years. Playing age is not important. 

Stage 1 - Devising

We are looking for six actors to work with our Artistic Director, Nina to devise content to inspire the development of her new play. 

The workshops will take place at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell. 

This will be a nine day process from 21st May until 8th June on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays days times 10am - 5pm. 

The inclusive fee for Stage 1 will be £990 (£110 per day). 

Stage 2 - Rehearsals and performance 

Rehearsals will take place in Autumn 2018 with a view to the project touring in Mumbai from mid-October onwards. 

Exact dates and fees will be agreed and contracted after the script has been developed.

To apply, please email Nina Lemon - - with your CV, photo and a brief paragraph explaining what has attracted you to this project.