As I See It – a play about personal safety, fake news and knife crime

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New for 2020
Touring Dates: 1st June - 10th July 2020
Recommended Year Group: 9+
Show Length: TBC

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A play about personal safety, fake news and knife crime.

Currently in development, this interactive play is being specifically designed for teenagers in the Home Counties. 

Working with the Ben Kinsella Trust, playwright Nina Lemon, together with actors from Peer Productions, are developing this original play in response to the increasing number of young people who are affected by knife crime.

Whilst violent knife crimes are thankfully currently rare in the Home Counties, compared to in inner city areas, a high level of media coverage including propaganda supporting extremes view points, together with County Lines drug trafficking, means that many young people are feeling very afraid. This fear of crime can result in young people deciding to carry a knife in a misguided attempt to protect themselves. Not only is this a criminal offence, that can result in four years in prison, but carrying a knife makes them more likely to get into serious danger.

As I See It will offer young audiences a chance to explore a story from different perspectives. This work is designed to help young people to develop their critical faculties so that they can make intelligent choices about their own personal safety. 

With more information available than at any other time in history how do we know who to believe?

Question everything.

Teachers’ Pack

Peer Productions will be working with Ben Kinsella Trust and other partners to develop a teachers' pack to support the play. 

Coming Soon!