Daniel Heath

Dan is a 19 year old aspiring creative practitioner from Peterborough who wants to create live entertainment that creates positive change in the world. Before joining Peer Productions, he had a leading role in the Peterborough Revellers’ production of “Wind in the Willows” at the Key Theatre, which played to near-full houses every night for a week. He has also played supporting and leading roles
in plays such as “The Pillowman” and musicals such as “School of Rock” and “13”. Alongside this Dan has some directing experience, directing a production of “Keep Mum” by Sean Flynn in 2018. crew. In the future, Dan wants to start his own theatre company in Peterborough, innovating theatre and creating positive change in the city. He would also like to start his own school, teaching young actors for a much cheaper price than is the current average around the country.

Daniel will be continuing his training at Manchester School of Theatre this Autumn.