Peer Productions creates educational plays which link directly to PSHCE guidelines and contribute to schools’ SMSC requirements as assessed for OFSTED.   Our plays are frank and hard-hitting whilst using humour and music to help students relate to challenging subjects.  Students can easily engage with the plays and our partner schools often rebook on an annual basis. 

Each play can be performed to a full year group and is performed by a cast of trained and DBS checked peer educators. Our tours have grown in popularity over the years so book early to stand a chance of getting your first choice of date and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions & General Show Information

That sounds great, how do I book?

Please get in touch using the contact form to the left. We are always happy to answer your questions and discuss how we can fit into your programme.

What tech/space requirements do you need for your shows?

Lighting & Sound: We will bring all equipment, lights etc for the production, but will need the room to be able to be blacked out (or make as dark as possible, draw curtains etc.)

Power: We will need access to 6 plug points.

Space: We ask for a 6m square performance space and for either the actors or the audience to be raised to ensure sight lines 

How long do you need to set up?

Due to the highly technical nature of most of our shows we ask for at least 1 hour before the show for set up and 30 minutes afterwards to take the show down.

How many students can you perform to?

Our shows are designed to be performed to an entire year group up to about 200 students. If you have many more than that in your year, or wish to show to more year groups we would recommend having multiple shows. Please contact us to discuss our multi-show discounts.

How exactly do your shows contribute to our SMSC agenda?

All of our shows are written to directly link to PSHE guidelines and contribute to schools’ SMSC requirements. For the full breakdown for a specific show please get in contact using the form to the left and we will send you through the documentation.

Are you available to tour a show outside of your advertised tour dates?

As we need time to rehearse each play and our tours tend to get very booked up we are unfortunately unable to tour shows outside of their advertised tour dates. If you want a session on a particular issue outside of these dates, please contact us about a workshop or to see what else we might be able to offer you.

Would you be able to do a show on a topic other than your advertised shows?

Each of our plays are extensively researched and written by our resident playwright. As they are full theatrical performances and take time to write and rehearse unfortunately we are only able to perform the advertised plays. However, we tour plays and write new ones in response to demand from teachers and those who work with young people so please do let us know if there is a pressing issue you feel we should consider. If you would like a session on a particular issue outside of what we are currently offering, please contact us about a workshop or to see what else we might be able to offer you.