Forgotten Women

Peer Productions are currently working alongside Bishopsgate Institute to develop a new podcast series, Forgotten Women, that wants to celebrate female British activists who have been pushed into the margins of history.

Working together with heritage partners, professional actors and playwrights and our talented young artists from our Actor Development Programme, we are releasing 10 podcasts over the next year, bringing to life the stories of women whose remarkable contributions have remained unsung. You can find the podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify and many other podcast providers.

Our Actors have been visiting Bishopsgate Institute and Egham Museum to carefully research female activism across the last 150 years. Using the information they have found we have collaborated with writers and actors to bring the history to life. All our podcasts are recorded in front of a live studio audience, with our team using foley sound and live music.

For more information on the project visit the website, or find us on twitter and instagram.

This series has been directed and produced by our Associate Director, Rebecca Alloway. We have upcoming episodes:

Out For The Count by Judy Upton – Following Suffragettes and Suffragists on the night of the 1911 census

Sophia by Beverley Andrews – Examining the life of Sophia Duleep Singh, a prominent suffragette who campaigned actively.

A Brief History of Suffrage by Rebecca Alloway – An overview of some of the key events in the Suffragette’s fight for the vote.

Make Noise by Guleraana Mir – When a group of millennials on a march bump into some activists from Greenham Common they have a lot to learn.

Miss World 1970 by Paula B Stanic – Exploring the protest surrounding the Miss World competition at the start of the 70s.

Her Choice – Written and devised by a small group of Actors. This podcast looks back to the laws surrounding Abortion in the UK.

Take a look below, to see our team rehearsing.

Photo credit: Polly Bycroft-Brown.