LBA – Love, Beauty, Attraction – A play for urban India

Show Information

New for 2020
Touring: Mumbai, 2020
Recommended for ages 14-19 years
Show Length: 90 mins

More Information

LBA - Love, Beauty and Attraction is a new play by British playwright Nina Lemon. It is inspired by the experiences of young Indian people.

The play starts on the day of high school graduation where the class of 2019 - Bal, Jai, Sana, Akash, Hari and Anika - told through a series of flashbacks, each character takes control of the narrative to look back on their teenage years. Together they tell their story for the next generation. They tell us all of it. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The bits they’d rather forget. The bits that made their heads swim, their hearts beat and stomach's swirl. The bits they’d rather leave out. The bits that bought them joy or made them cry. How they came together and said goodbye in all it's uncensored glory. They are the Class of 2019 and this is their story.

Teachers’ Pack

A full teachers' pack will be available. Watch this space.