RSL Level 4 Creative Practitioners Diploma

401 - Deconstructing the Brand - For this unit you will deconstruct your brand by completing a brand presentation. Masterclass reflections, theatre trip reflections and feedback from your tutors will inform your final presentation. You will also attend Textual Analysis classes that investigate the history of theatre from an actors perspective - this will culminate in an assessed research log. Following your presentation you will evaluate your brand journey so far and identify areas for development in 403.

403 - Brand Development - For this unit you will create an action plan with at least 16 SMART targets to complete over a period of 12 weeks. These targets will be specifically connected to developing your brand towards the brand you would like to showcase in unit 406. You will be required to monitor your own progress during this 12 week period and document evidence where relevant. Following this you will reflect on your success and brand development.

406 - Presenting the Brand - For this unit you will showcase your brand by developing, rehearsing and evaluating a performance/presentation. You will use what you have learned about yourself and your work in Unit 401 and your personal development from unit 403 to inform what you chose to showcase and how you chose to present your showcase. You will work with other students and your mentor and will select material that effectively showcases your abilities, skills and interests and present this material in a professional way to an audience. You will gain feedback from a range of sources and will then use this feedback to critically evaluate your progress in unit 407. 

407 - Evaluating Brand Development - For this unit you will review your progress across the year, analysing your brand’s development. This evaluation included the creation of an action plan for the future.