The Motherline

We are excited to announce our first Creative Collective. As part of our commitment to supporting emerging artists, we have commissioned these eight exceptional practitioners, from within our freelance pool, to work together with our Artistic Director Nina Lemon on a new project – Motherline.

The Covid-19 crisis has had a significant impact on Peer Productions, our community and our industry. We are very relieved to have received emergency funding from Arts Council England and are delighted to be able to use some of this grant to strengthen our artistic network and provide a creative space where these future arts leaders can play and work together with us.

The Motherline artists are Christine Mears, Katherine Carlton, Kirsty Blewett, Holly Taylor, Lucy Barton, Lydia Markham, Rosie Horler & Valentina Rosati.

For the next three months the Motherline collective will meet regularly online to explore ideas related to female lineage. Do you know your mother’s story? What about her mother and her mother? In a world where history is so often told from the male perspective we are going to follow the bloodline and see where it takes us.

Meet the Motherline.